Second and Third Necklaces in the Into the Woods Series

The second and third necklaces began to (ahem!) branch out a bit.

second Into the Woods necklace (sold)
second Into the Woods necklace (sold)

For the second one (sold) I literally went a bit “into the woods” with the touseled branches to one side, accented with Tourmaline. On the left, two large tumbled nuggets green Kyanite (a rare color for this stone whose very name means “blue stone”).

For the third, I was all the way into the woods, with chaotic branches on both sides but with the “Cinderella Princess” theme centered and prominent. The centerpiece is reversible, and dimensional, at least three-quarters of an inch thick, with a diamond motif at its heart with rays of golden freshwater pearls radiating from it, enclosed by a circle of Tourmaline faceted rounds.

The drop is an unusually fine specimen of Rutilated Quartz. Once known as “Venus Hair” and alIntoTheWoodsNecklaceThree008so “fleches d’amour” (arrows of love, after Cupid’s golden arrows), the inclusions are crystals of Rutile, which has a refractive index (brilliance) quite a bit higher than that of diamond!

As stations between the weaving and the chain, a matched pair of leaf-shaped green Kyanite tumbled crystals.